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One of my friends asked me about the names “Field Piece, Part I: Tehran” and “Field Piece, Part II: Azerbaijan” — specifically why I called them “parts”. That implied to her that you needed both “parts” to make a story.  She suggested I change “part” to “book”.  I realized she was right and renamed the books “Field Piece, Book I: Tehran” and “Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan”.  They stand alone as full-fledged adventures.

You can read the two books separately and enjoy them (I hope).  However, if you think you might be reading both books, Book I happens in 1995 and Book II happens two years later, when Walker returns to Iran on another mission, so you’d want to read them in order.  But then you could just buy “Field Piece, The Complete Series” instead and save some money.

Many of the characters appearing in Book I are also in Book II, including, of course, our hero, Steve Walker.  Walker’s friend from graduate school, Pasdaran Colonel Kamal Taleb, shows up again, along with his brash younger brother, Massoud, and the femme fatale Jilah, who became much more than Walker’s friend in Book I . . . can’t tell you much more without some spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that.

NOTE: In a few days “Field Piece, Book I: Tehran”, and “Death on Delivery”, my mystery story about programmers being murdered on an IT project, will both be on sale on Amazon for only 99¢ each.  I’ll let you know when that happens.

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This post was written by Daniel Ferry on June 28, 2014

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