Hacked badly, but still alive.

Checked out this blog yesterday and found that someone(s) had hacked some  javascript  into the main page.  After a few seconds it redirected my browser to one of several sales pages.  This did not make me happy.

I was able to isolate the offending script, but I couldn’t find it in the web pages (or posts?).  When it started trying to take over my laptop, that was the last straw.  I deleted the entire blog and all the posts.  Yeah, I probably could have been more surgical, but I was angry, and my copy of WordPress was sorely out of date, so I said “Screw it” and wiped the slate clean.

Now I’ve got the latest version of WordPress, plus a couple neat plugins that act as firewalls and intrusion detectors.

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This post was written by Daniel Ferry on February 13, 2010

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