What is the “field piece” in my novel FIELD PIECE?

Well, first of all, a “field piece” is a cannon or howitzer mounted on wheels, towed by horses or a vehicle, that supports an army in the field.

In my book, the “field piece” is

1. A (fictional) Russian S-25 Dragon 203mm auto-loading artillery piece that is used by Russian mercenaries to devastate the rebellious Muslim population of Azerbaijan

2. In a metaphor, Steve Walker, the protagonist, is a big gun deployed to the field (Iran and Azerbaijan). Of course, his boss considers him a loose cannon, but you’ll have to read the book to find out why!

The astute reader familiar with Russian artillery will know that the cannon portrayed on the cover of FIELD PIECE is not a 203mm cannon circa 1990’s. Do you know what it is? Hint: It’s a WWII era cannon.



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This post was written by Daniel Ferry on February 17, 2014

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